[-empyre-] Re: // Second Life: Who's art is it anyway? //

Max Moswitzer max.moswitzer at zhdk.ch
Sun Mar 30 23:21:09 EST 2008

the best game i ever played was UNIX (linux,bsd,minix,...)
= multiuser, layers, score, quests ;)

now playing METAVERSE (secondlife, "iPod, celly, gps",...)
= 	"-"    "-"	"-"    "-" ;6

the adventure is like a "Überraschungsei" [Kinder Egg]

/* Spiel, Spaß und Schokolade - drei Dinge auf einmal */
= Game, Fun and Chocolate - three things all at once

chocolate can be redefine as art/creativity - not over 70% cacao inside, 
more doesnt taste better i personally think.

respect to Dr. Andrew Stuart "Andy" Tanenbaum
and glory to the easter bunny.


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