[-empyre-] languages

naxsmash naxsmash at mac.com
Mon May 5 05:06:16 EST 2008

Brian wrote,

> even though –empyre- is normally conducted only in English

Brian et al, just a slight clarification here about our language ethos  
since the beginning of -empyre- in 2001. Actually  -empyre- is not  
intended to be conducted only in English,  and this month is not a  
break with our basic ethos about language.  for example March 2006 (on  
modernity)-- there were French and Portuguese texts and  
translations... we love this!.  0n -empyre- we don't  privilege  
'English' speaking texts as primary-- it's important to Melinda's  
'soft-skinned space' originating concept for -empyre- that it's  
multilingual....as English the default for many it just ends up  
seeming like we endorse English somehow as primary-- but that's not  
the intent of -empyre-.

We do rely on the group to offer translations on the fly .


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