Re: [-empyre-] Preview May 2008 for on -empyre-: ¿Qué Onda Izquierda? : Artist-social interventions in Latin America

naxsmash naxsmash at
Tue May 6 04:45:26 EST 2008

dear Aliette,

here is a 'critical secret' for you:

regarding empyre,

The guest moderator for May is a woman named Jennifer Flores Sternad,  
very young (25 years old) American in Los Angeles.  She was a friend   
until we started getting ready to launch the May discussion.  
Unfortunately we are  not communicating at all, now.  She is very  
angry with me.  vraiement fache, I mean-- !!  and I don't know what  
she will do with the May discussion.

So this is a problem.  I wonder if you could post something about   
activism from critical secret, something from manifeste hacker, or ?

You can post in French !


PS I am sorry I have not been able to come to Paris and visit you and  
Daniel!! The Bucharest Biennial doesn't have any extra money so they  
cannot pay for my trip to Europe for the opening.  I can t do it  
without help, either.  I miss you !!!

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