Fwd: [-empyre-] Preview May 2008 for on -empyre-: ¿Qué Onda Izquierda? : Artist-social interventions in Latin America

Christina McPhee christina at christinamcphee.net
Tue May 6 06:55:20 EST 2008

dear all, dear Aliette, Jennifer,  Brian,  to my dear friends Raul and  
many others on the list and to all the guests,

I think i have finally lost it, in public.  This is a  humbling  
moment,  about as bad as I 've ever experienced in my whole life.
  I must admit that i have somehow displayed some kind of gross  
aggression and insensitive arrogance to all of you, and I have a very  
poor understanding of how this has come to be.  The list etiquette is
in disarray:  I am clearly at fault.

My sincere and profound apologies for sending out private mail by  
accident.  Jennifer has told me that she and Brian exclusively are   
working with the guests and the topic  (except for getting rid of  
backchannel spam).  I did not grasp fully to what extent I was  
expected  to have no role in the backchannel development of the  
something that up to now has been a  key role for an -empyre- moderator.

Further,  I didn't mean to offend with my post a few days about  
inclusion about languages, which, I 've been informed,  was taken as  
offensive.   I have totally misunderstood my role with regard to this  
month on -empyre-.  I have upset and annoyed  many of you, apparently  
to a significant extent for which I am very, very sorry.

Lucretius says that in the error, the swerve, all new things in nature  
come into being.  So perhaps this accidental public display of my  
sorrow and panic will have some wonderful results-- bringing the real  
open space -- of which Eduardo and Brian write so eloquently-- into  
reality. May this open space be a possibility and a reality in
our -soft-skinned-space=.


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> Izquierda? : Artist-social interventions in Latin America
> dear Aliette,
> here is a 'critical secret' for you:
> regarding empyre,
> The guest moderator for May is a woman named Jennifer Flores  
> Sternad, very young (25 years old) American in Los Angeles.  She was  
> a friend  until we started getting ready to launch the May  
> discussion. Unfortunately we are  not communicating at all, now.   
> She is very angry with me.  vraiement fache, I mean-- !!  and I  
> don't know what she will do with the May discussion.
> So this is a problem.  I wonder if you could post something about   
> activism from critical secret, something from manifeste hacker, or ?
> You can post in French !
> love,
> c
> PS I am sorry I have not been able to come to Paris and visit you  
> and Daniel!! The Bucharest Biennial doesn't have any extra money so  
> they cannot pay for my trip to Europe for the opening.  I can t do  
> it without help, either.  I miss you !!!

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