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thank you Jennifer.
I especially enjoyed the interview on Troyano in Mediafix. (http:// 
newmediafix.net/daily/?p=472) You sense  the energy that made Chile  
such an alive country politically..  Troyano proposed in contemporary  
Chilean society a debate on the “creative” use of [new] media in  
opposition to a purely economic, utilitarian and commercial vision of  
technology diffusion. The points on passive consumption of technology  
are valid elsewhere.
The Eduardo Navas article ..  I am working my way through it. It will  
be worth it once i recover some of my Spanish.

Gianni Wise
On 05/05/2008, at 4:26 PM, Jennifer Flores Sternad wrote:

> artist + theorist Eduardo Navas put me in touch with TROYANO last year
> and provided the following information about their work, as well as
> that of other artists working in Chile
> le sugiero que le eches una mirada a su sitio web también:
> www.navasse.net
> the texts section has texts in english, spanish & italian
> Entrevista: José Miguel Tagle. ¿Psicólogo, Chaman o  
> Neurocientífico?
> por Ignacio Nieto (integrante del Troyano
> http://newmediafix.net/daily/?p=1063
> here is a focus series on Santiago de Chile:
> http://newmediafix.net/daily/?cat=61
> TEXT: a minima feature on Anne-Marie Schleinder Luis Hernandez
> http://newmediafix.net/daily/?p=994
> TECHNOLOGY BY Lucrezia Cippitelli
> http://newmediafix.net/daily/?p=756
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