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Aliette Guibert-Certhoux aliette at criticalsecret.org
Wed May 7 00:06:27 EST 2008

Hello my Friends, Hello Jennifer, I am so pleased to meet you, I hope
that you'll read me in my vain tentative of English writings and
sometimes in French! Hello dear Christina! Hello Melinda! Hello all
Empyre subscribers! My silence was from two singular facts --
criticalsecret is so much independent that it is a real cause of
receiving attacks sometimes under the tracks of false friends who ever
create the diversion on eventual personal problems by the way of
masking the metapolitical question which is the very cause -- but we
stay, so don't care of it.

The question is that in matter of criticism through the virtual
narrative we work with an impact on bare life.

That marks the question of the power in a dual zone as the typographic
and graphic contents in between of the code which allows to publish
them online: the code is the track of power through the question of
the rule; the corporatist protection which can become radically
unethics by excess of ethic  -it is the real danger among us all
because even friends claiming they are free but can become the subject
of maffiosos or counter-revolutionary negotiations against the free
use of the editorial applications emerging from their proper code.
That presents a real danger of impact to the social and critical

I think that three notes can explain the changing situation in matter
of realistic Arts from the Web:

-- The narrative expression coming from the generalization of the
media language has founded an organic structural disposition of the
common understanding through the virtual games.
By this way, some yars ago In "modern" expression, what was inadequate
to Web Art as renewng modernity seen under the question of the
transparency of the code -as criterion of purity from the structure
free of "anecdotes"  -such the narrative which seemed to come from the
analogical inheritance, currently is totally reversed today: because
of the two-tier allocation of the code, being also the translator of
the flow inherent to the function of on-line interactive communication
which has made its entropy... But much more, this entropy of the media
language (applied by a generative -predictive -way) to any simulation
or reproduction of the world or its imaginary domains) is integrated
even now as a meta media language into a cognitive critical structure
of the social attitude, by monologue or multi-dialog being the proper
diverse strategy generalized of these games.
This situation appoints a new emergent territory of the relevant
criticism in the narrative adaptations from the virtual languages, can
be to the displeasure from the creators of code (even of publishing
software as blogs) today.

-- That is a revolution beyond any notion of modernity -what regards
the question of the technical and social progress as foundating
concepts of the State power . From this point of view: be
revolutionary, does it pursue to have a sense? And if yes: which one?
My personal conviction is that being revolutionary opening the future
-but not a project of future, just the possibility of
predictable/unpredictable future - at the moment concerns something
a-topian (as well a-topic) as both: the insubordination, the
otherness, the freedom of expression under all its ways of narration
(extreme ultraliberalism of the narrative expression, in a sense), as
social permanent revolution from the stories (even of materialist
realities) in place of history: subversion beyond the signs,
pluri-syntaxes under the generalized structural disposition of
media-game languages, as new illusion of the post-humanist world.
Because this is the very abstracted shape of the social thought at the
act of the society today. Where consists a dynamic impact of the media
languages from the virtual meta universe to the bare life moving.
It is exactly why the site of which I am the publisher and the
curator, which meta-politically works at the interference of the
narrative and material critical universes, but exclusively Web
emergent (and not activist to tech-publishing) can disturb the rule; I
am far from being the only one having become very controversial
previously, almost in spite of us, an inexplicable target of stakes in
power on Web, today.
Because we show a way of the narration to unverifiable cultural
expression (can being uncultural) of social languages both
economically and conceptually. Free line nowaday as a fable of the
unverifiable consequence -not as activist army criticizing the power,
but precarious citizen-butterfly pretending to play its proper
narrative freedom as proof of interference onto the yet post media
society in the vectoral chaos.
Can be fiction but fiction being its proper and self-referent truth:
that is a real danger in the globalizing universe of the projects
--any power at the moment if it is the resource to make real the

-- There can be no more aesthetic relevant from this set. No aesthetic
depending of its appearent generalization. Just a question of
relevance of the media languages between their protagonists Just a
generalization of ethics as entropy of the aesthetic through the false
disappearing of the ethics.
At this point: is social dynamism in permanent revolution from the
people even the countries where the society of class persists as well
a feodal situation opportunatly convenient to the globalization as
well a tradition from the people in fight by  requesting a narrative
thread:  would the have really one interest in aesthetic diposition of
their own communication --as self organisation? I think: none.
Aesthetic is the disposition of the power: State, Party, Field, and so
on. For the best It is the one of the avant-gardist presentation of
the historical times (at my view), not the organic dispositive of the
pragmatic activism in real times: that is fiction. Because fiction is
not aesthetic but its radical contrary, its radical evil. The evil of
illusion as reality beyond the value: but self argued -- and relative
but real truth.
So: what is active in matter of naration here and there? That could be
the proper question.
Which common appearences (from the random disposition or from the
cognitive disposition) between South American  diverse fights and
North America brotherness or totherness, could appear as mediatic
singularity from the cultural or artistic critical arts -- but
emergent activist sociality on the site to tribute its communication
out of it?


Why to play the productivity of the political common criticism by the
way that sexual productivity from the libidinal economy of sexual
liberation has just taught us that it could drive to the ideology of
sexual domination and allow the renewal of the sexual vilolence, as
well the convenient peacetime practices, as well the authorized
wartimes practices -after the humanist times? --Quote the emergent
criticism from the feminist debate round MoMa Queens critical
exhibition from 40 years of post-modern femnism " WACK! "

Liberalism as ideology following the natural organization of the
society is a hard inheritage after the disappearing progressive
society;-) There is no alternative solutions to dialectically credit
this sort of collective entropy becoming an argued project, at the
moment the political economy is realized by the vectoral organization.
So may be that we have to play otherness as unproductive diverse out
of projects and impose it as active nonsense to be published
powerfully, byt the way toi request real tech solidarities and means,
in which resides our narrative critical freedom of expression?

The vital metapolitical question of the critical relevance from this
new dispositive concern the tech-power inheritated from the magical
xml Web2 given by the blogs and by the metablogs to the free
publishers, as well in matter of multimedia and broadcasting supports
as in textual supports of their narrative independence to be viewed
online without delay, can be scanned by the crawlers, can be diffused
through RSS. All the contrary, the fashion of html4 and more and the
concept of the future organization in communities of the future iPv6
of the web do not appeart at my eyes as the appropriate way of the
permanent revolution:)

To finish as example to tribute from my own experiment, I want just to
say that the last issue is MAFIA_PIERRE BONGIOVANNI, a self-fiction as
documentary with an integral English translation of the radio
That is a critical line opened by a video prologue from Mali and
closed by a video epilogue from Oaxaca... with an impact to Live
contemporary Art through a critical relationship between Pierre
Bongiovanni's voice, and his silent minimalist videocasting as tracks
from any place in the moving world since 1994. He wrote it at the
moment he was fighting against French administation where any would
try to detroy him as artist and as curator regarding his project of
Mediatheater out of Paris (that was an "administrative crime" to the
central organisation of the Cultural Sate affairs). Now he is right ok
out of this project but very well feeling. The creation he made at the
former moment -- exactly the one i was ok to publish at this moment
but not able to do it cause 'opportnunate ennemy called "pishing" to
make unprobable the publishing on my server --  is flaming persistiing
as for its different subjects. He was so much patient to wait that I
can be ready fot the publication: what we have done last. But not
without a lot of new outside problems that became revealed as  inside
partnership problems obviously linked in objective alliance with
outside interests agains o r powerfull independence of publication and
of information on the web.

 I love with my heart  this line of podcast opened on the world that
Pierre B. has crossed. I could not imagine that such a line could
suffer from attacks with large impact as well the blog, as well my
personnal work to install it by managing the optionnal fields od the
interactive admin, -- which is no more in rule immediatly -- more on
the server (changing the sources and the datas to be stolen, more
stolening our referer -if we have good reasons to know from whom, we
do not know to which credit but we presume of it in the mini
vectoralist field of Fr cultural and art publishing online, that is
not the web of creation but information as strategic relay of other
acts, even not being so great but having money which does not allow
the following independence-)
But that was the fact in real whatever it appeared to come from (may
be false friends in the mood of the nostalgy from the dialectical
times are sleeping among us).

Dedicated prologon to Mali and dedicated epilogon to Oaxaca.

May be the code Maker cannot accept a metapolitical impact of the
independent powerful use which we have made in narrative solutions to
tribute our critical common environment? May be I am Anarchist and his
is Leninist -- the replay of the Spanish civil war -- that they have
losted thanks the effect of the stalinian exclusion?:)))

May be all that I try to explain will appear out of subject or
opportunate presenttation of our work. But it is the very way I could
begin to tell directly tell of our real fight online, that is real,
that is hard, even indirectly concerning the serious impact of the
bare societies in fight, but somewhere both allied in all our
cognitive acts solidarly linked here and there, hope to my next good
communication on the proper thematic.

Sorry of my desastrous English speaking. My next message will be in French;-)

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