[-empyre-] On Gamer Theory

Aliette Guibert-Certhoux aliette at criticalsecret.org
Wed May 7 20:00:42 EST 2008

Hi Empyreans,

By reading a few points of Brian'essay and the interest it meets in
Spanish language in the thread, it appears that we have miss a
reference such as Ken McKenzie Wark's Gamer Theory. Specially the
chapter named "Atopia" (which is not my proper idea of how to be in
atopia in a post political word but very interesting as theorist
concept of comportmental transgression of the bare life as well the
social strategies in the post industrial world). it is the proper
question of the culture nowadays. That is a way of the culture --even
not folk.

Item 124 "In games (...)"

What results immediatly at my view is that a game is a project in real
time integrating several times, it is not a transgressing project in
the inheritated sense from utopia --that comes at the future. It is
the very question of the issue of the game immediatly with all the
knowledge of the game and of its story, that is no more the
dialectical question as it can be of War at Clausewitz which supposes
a political interest to make the war. But may be the concept of
"double mass" (may be just economic) as situation of the war at
Canetti's Crowds and Power can stay currently lightening in the
situation of several countries in South America, and more between
South America and the USA and between the USA and the rest of the
world --included its allied "variety".

>From Gamer Theory that is exactly the question of surviving in bare
life as emergent bare situation in the vectoral post-liberal world,
but inheritated culture (rule, education, comportments to safe oneself
toward and after the value) wherever can be the site (I mean whatever
it would be or not be of the back level of industrialization and  of
culture of the production).

Something not universal --the actual question being the local question
--but something mathematic depending of the disposition of the game
cannot be solved or following an abstract rule of mathematic
plasticity of the chaos as condition of the game. Which paradigm after
alll? Very simply Statistics?

The question is not more of the value as line of project. The question
is that one of otherness beyond the rule.

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