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Hi everybody,

I'm Andre Mesquita, editor in chief of the brazilian electronic magazine
Rizoma ( I'm very closed with the members from GIA and you
can get more information about the group (just inportuguese, sorry!) here: . Recently, GIA and other art collectives from
Brazil (Bijari, EmpreZa, Arte e Esfera Pública and Opavivará!) participated
of a meeting in Madrid with spanish collectives (Casita, Fiambrera Obrera,
Ludotex and others). I joined in some of these incounters in Madrid. See
more information here:


2008/5/7 naxsmash <naxsmash at>:

> hola todos
> This just in from e-flux,
> "In February 2008, five artists and artist groups from all over the world
> were nominated in Cologne by an international group of experts for the
> fourth International Nam June Paik Award donated by the Kunststiftung NRW
> (Arts Foundation North-Rhine Westphalia), Düsseldorf. The works selected for
> the award will be exhibited in the permanent collection of traditional
> European fine art in the Wallraf-Richartz-Museum & Fondation Corboud in
> Cologne from 26th of September until 16th of November 2008. On October 16,
> 2008, the prize will be awarded by the president of the Kunststiftung NRW,
> Dr. Fritz Schaumann.
> In 2002, the late world artist Nam June Paik lent his name together with a
> drawing to this most important award for media art in Germany. The drawing,
> which reads: „Paik NRW okay", commemorates Paik's 19-year activity in this
> German federal state – particularly in the two cities of Cologne and
> Düsseldorf – of which he spent more than 10 years as a professor at the
> Düsseldorf Academy of arts. 1963, the year the „Exhibition of Music" was
> held in the Galerie Parnass in Wuppertal, is considered the year of birth of
> media art. With this award, the Kunststiftung NRW intends to revive the
> enormous creative energies which are active until this day within the works
> of this global artist, and to encourage a young generation of artists to
> break new innovative ground. The award includes an exhibition of the
> nominated, during which the first prize amounting to 25,000 euros will be
> awarded as well as a junior prize for an artist from North-Rhine Westphalia
> for finishing a pro ject amounting to 15,000 euros.
> The nominating experts met on the spot in Cologne at the Wallraf-Richartz
> Museum & Fondation Corbout, with its extraordinary collection from medieval
> art to impressionism: Solange Farkas, Videobrasil and MAM-Museu de Arte
> Moderna da Bahia (Sao Paulo/Salvador de Bahia), Yukiko Shikata, NTT
> InterCommunication Center ICC (Tokio), Walid Raad, artist, (New
> York/Beirut), Miklos Peternak, C3 Center for Culture & Communication
> (Budapest) and Udo Kittelmann, Museum of Modern Art (Frankfurt/Main).
> They selected the following artists and artist groups for the award:
> The Speculative Archive / Julia Meltzer and David Thorne (Damaskus/Los
> Angeles); Biopresence / Shiho Fukuhara and Georg Tremmel (Tokyo/London);
> Attila Csörgo (Budapest); Tatiana Blass (São Paulo) and GIA Grupo de
> Interferência Ambiental from Salvador de Bahía"
> Does anyone know about GIA, or is one of our guest this month involved
> with/ friends with GIA?  Intrigued.
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