[-empyre-] Nake and the Notion of "Public"

Patrick Lichty voyd at voyd.com
Thu May 8 13:13:43 EST 2008

Just as a clarification, when Julian began from my missive and started talking about "the public". from the my 1st person anecdote from Nake, a taxonomic difference arose.

What I meant when I invoked the quote "The Work is not Art until is is made Public" does not mean that it is aimed at "the public" (the masses), but placed "in public", i.e. in the commons or open space where "the/a public" might see it.

Then, the issue of what constitutes "the public" become an issue.  But for me, that is another, however important, issue that I did not address in my earlier statement, or this one.  Maybe that's a discussion that might open up.


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