[-empyre-] Nake and the Notion of "Public"

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Aliettes whole essay is inspiring. She's a better ranter than I am  
and it's not even her native tongue! Bravo!

I've used both the Détournement and the Dérive in my works. recently  
I've been working/ organizing an artist group called Artists  
Meeting-- http://artistsmeeting.org . We meet every three weeks and  
we also carry on conversations & schemes online. All of the members  
have jobs and are productive member of the creative class. What  
happens is to disrupt that inevitability we meet and produce various  
collaborative projects. The whole group is in the process of drifting  
through aesthetic situations. We are now planning a project that will  
utilize the Situationist process of, "Faire La Pause"

It must be noted that to combat hyper-capitalism and consumer culture  
is really difficult. The populist opposition is a return to religion  
which is a horrible choice.

On May 8, 2008, at 7:53 AM, Aliette Guibert-Certhoux wrote:

> hat is a real impact to public communication even virtual public as  
> necessary relay of naturalist or abstract narrations and virtual  
> simulations of the living social fights. Because multimedia is  
> interfering the bare life from here to there. Our memory of the  
> opened life and opened societies are in real time --just a bit  
> differred what installs the minimalist distance of the new critical  
> view --the gift of the public virtuality as conscousness of ithe   
> unpredictable part of reality of our fast acts. That is not  
> aesthetic, that is ethics understood as an increase of the  
> conditions of collective risk through our common or individual  
> independent practices of the risk (even the laugh) --as in all  
> symoblic dispositions.

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