[-empyre-] Introducing Fabiane Borges + Hilan Bensusan + Esquizotrans

Jennifer Flores Sternad jf at post.harvard.edu
Sun May 11 04:26:34 EST 2008

Hello everyone, I am really happy  to introduce Fabiane Borges and
Hilan Bensusan, two of our guests this month on -empyre-.
Please be sure to check out the websites cited below for more texts,
videos, and info about their work.


Fabiane Borges (BR) is a writer and media and communication activist
who works with genders, transgenders, and technology.  She has a
background in squat art and social movements, such as those involving
whores, women, low-tech media, indigenous groups, and the
anti-psychiatry movement [luta antimanicomial]. She enjoys
esquizoanalysis and usually uses the name Cassandras.

Hilan Bensusan (BR) inspects singularities (like poetry writers,
people coming out of the prisons), lectures philosophy in the
University of
Brasilia and writes manifestoes. http://www.unb.br/ih/fil/hilanb

Esquizotrans – a gang of our shifting slices

Esquizotrans is an assembly of desires focused on transgressing and
diluting borders. We experiment with writing, filming, performing in
order to blur both gender and genre borders. We do it in an errorist
manner (as hangovers of the Errorist International).

In 2007 we were booed in a sexual diversity film festival in Brazil
after screening our Mulher-Bicha (Female Fag). Since 2006 we produce
short films accompanied with small performances that attempt to
channel erotic energy into politics while exposing the political
undertone of the microerotic. We maintain a column in the Monde
Diplomatique, Brazil, were we dilute the principles of column-writing,
celebrate both the transsexual and the transgender takes on whatever
is cyberpolitical and formulate what we call the 'esquizerda' (the
esquizoleft) – that would attempt to extract subversive force from the
multiplication of exception, deviation and error. Our current projects
involve short films of urban intervention in several towns, writing
performances where our convulsive collective writing is shown in the
open and the publication of our handbook of esquizotrans pornography.

Our recent site:

enjoy some of our movies:

kisses, fabi and hilan


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