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Eduardo Molinari archivocaminante at yahoo.com.ar
Mon May 12 02:58:25 EST 2008

Sorry dear G.H.
but I disagree with you.
Art is not a (personal) activity for me.
Instead of some praxis that needs an isolated moment, of course,
art is only possible in a collective dimension.
All artist is a consequence of a social work that includes,
for example, how these artist were educated. Artistic education,
but also "auto-education" in how you access into art information.

I'm agree with you about the "art experience itself is different for each
individual". Totally with you.

Also I'm agree that "public culture" and "private culture" can co-exist.

But then G.H. again we are talking about "the code".

we need to now in wich dimension of culture we are talking about.


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