[-empyre-] For whom is art "made"?

G.H. Hovagimyan ghh at thing.net
Sat May 10 23:22:23 EST 2008

>  think that is better to define this. My answer is trying to think  
> about this: manufacturing images today.

gh comments:

  I  disagree with this idea.  Art can be made from sound for example  
or text or interventions that have no images other than an incidental  
documentary image.  I even dislike the idea of "manufacturing."  It  
represents a capitalist notion of making of objects to be used as a  
commodity in the art market.  Indeed, the most advanced art ideas try  
to neutralize the market and dispense with a fixed object/ image. The  
actual process is to enhance the creative experience for the artist  
and those who participate in the process. It's a misnomer to call this  
interactive art.  It may be more about creative situations.  It's not  
about all the world becoming artists.  Thats another market ploy. That  
odd notion is what is at the core of web 2.0 . The only possible  
position for an artists is to define themselves in contradiction to  
these notions. 

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