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Mon May 19 14:49:40 EST 2008

Carla quoted Jacoby:

Art² has no importance; it is
life that counts. Art is the history of the years to come. It is the
creation of the most gigantic collective work in history: the conquest
 of the earth, the conquest of freedom by and for all men.

1963 Mensaje en el Di Tella, Roberto Jacoby

Conquest of the Earth, eh? Like any conquest, it shows a complete and
dismissive disregard for the conquered. And in the Great War between
"Man" and "Nature" I can assure you all that "Nature" cares even less
about "Man" than "Man" does of "Nature", and in the great struggle
between "Man" and "Nature":


If the conquest of nature is the price we pay for Art, then I humbly
suggest we abandon Art before Nature abandons us.

That quote by Jacoby is one of the most offensive and arrogant bits of
errant ego-centric suicidal idiocy I have read in a very long time.
But, hey - Better living through chemistry!

As humanity stands at the precipice of extinction, sesshu in LA typed:

imagination contends with illusion and barks, disconsolate squeak.
body parts, you name it, they invented tags and codes: states.
sneeze all you want to, pointed verbs sticking out of every pore.
agriculture in california exacerbates a green edge on water-use.
i saw something the other day, it was a woman on her cellphone.

Good move, butch, let me know how that works out for you. 

Alliette? Christina? I'm sure you all have something sensible to say
about all this...


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