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my post was a reflection on appropriation of voice and the violence of
language. right now i'm thinking about the fremont indians. and water.
On 5/19/08 6:18 AM, "Eduardo Molinari" <archivocaminante at yahoo.com.ar>

> Dear HW,
> totally with you,
> the quotation is really offensive,
> but also, really old.
> this "artist", Roberto Jacoby,
> today, in my country, is one of the better examples
> of the hierarchiq ways of organization of the culture / art system.
> He's like "the boss", with centralizated - concentrated styles,
> the oposite of freedom.
> One quotation of the present of Jacoby:
> last tuesday, he was part of a conference, in the university,
> Sociology career. In an extracurricular seminare, he was invited to talk about
> "experimental societies", together with some groups that work connecting art,
> arquitecture and public space. Most of them, friends of him.
> That day (I was there, on the room) jacoby reads (to make reflections about
> arquitecture and public space, but also about ways of association)
> close to 10 pages of the "deffensive" Israel Arm Forces.
> "the art of war"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> He put in connection war and arquitecture, because, on his thinkings,
> the example of the jewish armies is clear.
> He made a quotation of an interview of an officer, that explained
> the new arguments of the militar education in Israel: Delleuze, Guattari and
> Foucault. The point is that a new way of making war is working:
> the militar forces are "espontanous, polimorf" and work like the organization
> of the bees. 
> He also said that is necesary to talk about a "violence that must be tolerate"
> by "the audience".
> For me was like a surrealist situation, but it was not a joke.
> He never said some critic commentary about his own quotation.
> I think that Cara don't know nothing about the present position of this man.
> He really betrayed all his "young" words.
> Also, during the 90 he was the "boss" of Venus project, until that moment of
> ramona magazine. Always (in the middle of the destruction of all the
> historical rights of workers, but also of the education, health systems in
> Argentina, and of course the "sold out" politic of our resources and services
> national companies) talking about "experimental societies",
> about "friendship technologies", "desire money", "beauty and happiness".
> Today he's the "boss" of RIAA, a traditional neoliberal residence system.
> what can I say?????
> sorry, this is not a good argentine example for me!!!!
> Is necesary to de-mistified Tucuman Arde!
> It will not be good for our present troubles to go to the past again and
> again. 
> We need a new vision.
> thank you for your words!
> Cara! you must investigate more about this person, today.
> eduardo
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>> Carla quoted Jacoby:
>> ---------------------------------------------
>> Art² has no importance; it is
>> life that counts. Art is the history of the years to come.
>> It is the
>> creation of the most gigantic collective work in history:
>> the conquest
>>  of the earth, the conquest of freedom by and for all men.
>> 1963 Mensaje en el Di Tella, Roberto Jacoby
>> ---------------------------------------------
>> Conquest of the Earth, eh? Like any conquest, it shows a
>> complete and
>> dismissive disregard for the conquered. And in the Great
>> War between
>> "Man" and "Nature" I can assure you all
>> that "Nature" cares even less
>> about "Man" than "Man" does of
>> "Nature", and in the great struggle
>> between "Man" and "Nature":
>> If the conquest of nature is the price we pay for Art, then
>> I humbly
>> suggest we abandon Art before Nature abandons us.
>> That quote by Jacoby is one of the most offensive and
>> arrogant bits of
>> errant ego-centric suicidal idiocy I have read in a very
>> long time.
>> But, hey - Better living through chemistry!
>> As humanity stands at the precipice of extinction, sesshu
>> in LA typed:
>> ---------------------------------------------------------
>> imagination contends with illusion and barks, disconsolate
>> squeak.
>> body parts, you name it, they invented tags and codes:
>> states.
>> sneeze all you want to, pointed verbs sticking out of every
>> pore.
>> agriculture in california exacerbates a green edge on
>> water-use.
>> i saw something the other day, it was a woman on her
>> cellphone.
>> ---------------------------------------------------------
>> Good move, butch, let me know how that works out for you.
>> Alliette? Christina? I'm sure you all have something
>> sensible to say
>> about all this...
>> HW
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