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Cara, yes:  violence of words: cannibal words, exiles as evacuees-- 
recipe, eaten, shat out.

re sesshu's:

"body parts, you name it, they invented tags and codes: states.
sneeze all you want to, pointed verbs sticking out of every pore.
agriculture in california exacerbates a green edge on water-use."

people as words being evacuated, being eaten consumed, water rushing,  
salt water- cannot drink.

a recipe / receipt


I am in receipt of words provided to me
Those that indicate we are reciprocals put into pies,
those surgical ones leading to a common maceration
Metrical, non-metric, cage, skull,
test of bars as lexical conversions, receipt with variation,
kits of taste.

Now wild words taste better so bitter whiskers against the bar
kitchen sashes, cull, play similars all

similars as to grow evacuee cakes,
minerals down buttresses
leaks into grip-tie emergencies
grow the garrison

deposit milks marbled culprits            the littlest nutrient, the  
new fairly voluptuous in liberty around
still muling
still nailing

Let me ask you what you are trying to say.
That's not what you said before. Name me five examples.
You can't even do that simple thing?
You live here for free. Pull your shit together.
You're crying already?
Get the fuck out of my vision."

excerpt, from "Evacuee Cake," Molly McPhee 2007
On May 19, 2008, at 7:58 AM, Cara Baldwin wrote:

> my post was a reflection on appropriation of voice and the violence of
> language. right now i'm thinking about the fremont indians. and water.

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	Subject: 	Re: [-empyre-] el Bano de cultura

but this poem is at issue.  does it not contradict, even in its being  
present over the jacoby quote - an over=inscription. ?

> we wrote sixteen pamphlets about iron oxide using match sticks.
> the surf ouched, the big hawk flew off the top of the tree.
> everybody who was somebody went to work, cows eaten alive.

> On 5/19/08 6:18 AM, "Eduardo Molinari" <archivocaminante at yahoo.com.ar>
> wrote:
>> Dear HW,
>> totally with you,
>> the quotation is really offensive,
>> but also, really old.
>> this "artist", Roberto Jacoby,
>> today, in my country, is one of the better examples
>> of the hierarchiq ways of organization of the culture / art system.
>> He's like "the boss", with centralizated - concentrated styles,
>> the oposite of freedom.
>> One quotation of the present of Jacoby:
>> last tuesday, he was part of a conference, in the university,
>> Sociology career. In an extracurricular seminare, he was invited to  
>> talk about
>> "experimental societies", together with some groups that work  
>> connecting art,
>> arquitecture and public space. Most of them, friends of him.
>> That day (I was there, on the room) jacoby reads (to make  
>> reflections about
>> arquitecture and public space, but also about ways of association)
>> close to 10 pages of the "deffensive" Israel Arm Forces.
>> "the art of war"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>> He put in connection war and arquitecture, because, on his thinkings,
>> the example of the jewish armies is clear.
>> He made a quotation of an interview of an officer, that explained
>> the new arguments of the militar education in Israel: Delleuze,  
>> Guattari and
>> Foucault. The point is that a new way of making war is working:
>> the militar forces are "espontanous, polimorf" and work like the  
>> organization
>> of the bees.
>> He also said that is necesary to talk about a "violence that must  
>> be tolerate"
>> by "the audience".
>> For me was like a surrealist situation, but it was not a joke.
>> He never said some critic commentary about his own quotation.
>> I think that Cara don't know nothing about the present position of  
>> this man.
>> He really betrayed all his "young" words.
>> Also, during the 90 he was the "boss" of Venus project, until that  
>> moment of
>> ramona magazine. Always (in the middle of the destruction of all the
>> historical rights of workers, but also of the education, health  
>> systems in
>> Argentina, and of course the "sold out" politic of our resources  
>> and services
>> national companies) talking about "experimental societies",
>> about "friendship technologies", "desire money", "beauty and  
>> happiness".
>> Today he's the "boss" of RIAA, a traditional neoliberal residence  
>> system.
>> what can I say?????
>> sorry, this is not a good argentine example for me!!!!
>> Is necesary to de-mistified Tucuman Arde!
>> It will not be good for our present troubles to go to the past  
>> again and
>> again.
>> We need a new vision.
>> thank you for your words!
>> Cara! you must investigate more about this person, today.
>> eduardo
>> Eduardo Molinari / Archivo Caminante
>> Aramburu 880, Dto.1 (1640) Martínez
>> Provincia de Buenos Aires – Argentina
>> 0541 1 47 98 48 35
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>>> Carla quoted Jacoby:
>>> ---------------------------------------------
>>> Art² has no importance; it is
>>> life that counts. Art is the history of the years to come.
>>> It is the
>>> creation of the most gigantic collective work in history:
>>> the conquest
>>> of the earth, the conquest of freedom by and for all men.
>>> 1963 Mensaje en el Di Tella, Roberto Jacoby
>>> ---------------------------------------------
>>> Conquest of the Earth, eh? Like any conquest, it shows a
>>> complete and
>>> dismissive disregard for the conquered. And in the Great
>>> War between
>>> "Man" and "Nature" I can assure you all
>>> that "Nature" cares even less
>>> about "Man" than "Man" does of
>>> "Nature", and in the great struggle
>>> between "Man" and "Nature":
>>> If the conquest of nature is the price we pay for Art, then
>>> I humbly
>>> suggest we abandon Art before Nature abandons us.
>>> That quote by Jacoby is one of the most offensive and
>>> arrogant bits of
>>> errant ego-centric suicidal idiocy I have read in a very
>>> long time.
>>> But, hey - Better living through chemistry!
>>> As humanity stands at the precipice of extinction, sesshu
>>> in LA typed:
>>> ---------------------------------------------------------
>>> imagination contends with illusion and barks, disconsolate
>>> squeak.
>>> body parts, you name it, they invented tags and codes:
>>> states.
>>> sneeze all you want to, pointed verbs sticking out of every
>>> pore.
>>> agriculture in california exacerbates a green edge on
>>> water-use.
>>> i saw something the other day, it was a woman on her
>>> cellphone.
>>> ---------------------------------------------------------
>>> Good move, butch, let me know how that works out for you.
>>> Alliette? Christina? I'm sure you all have something
>>> sensible to say
>>> about all this...
>>> HW
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