[-empyre-] echo objects and Barbara Marie Stafford

Lucette Cysique lcysique at stvincents.com.au
Wed Oct 1 14:17:07 EST 2008

Thanks to all.

I think I will have to meet Trish in person one day!
If I pass at QBI, I will let you know.
I'd like to see these bees!

I want to rebound on your last comments Trish, and maybe finish on a positive

I think to keep a critical spirit about our scientific practices with sometimes
the collaboration of artists is a way to promote intellectual solidarities around
a more progressive agenda.

Proposing a brain model where cognition and emotion intereacts in a complex way or
where genetic and environement are encapsulated in complex relations, for me
resonnates with accepting a certain level of complexity that is respecful of human
diversity. I think it is a more "humane" agenda (maybe I am naive here). Because
it goes away from simplifying and eventually ideologies of stereotyping.

Who knows if it is the end of neo-liberalism? (and I never meant to imply a simple
relationship between state and economy.. especially in this era of super
capitalism).. One thing I meant to say is that expecting recurrent crises as a
mode of scientific/political attitude is deeply problematic.. In other words, it
is self-explanatory.

And it evetually reinforces the classical social power dynamic because they
remained unchallenged.. In the current financial crisis, black women in the United
States will concretly be the most affected by what is happening...

My last note is that among the scientific community, there are certainly various
view points, but I would say that the most politically conservative still have
most of the power.. However resistance to simplication and  critical apraisial are
well alive.


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