[-empyre-] Our month of neuroaethetics

Michele Barker M.Barker at unsw.edu.au
Wed Oct 1 17:51:36 EST 2008

Dear All

Well, sadly, it it time to say thank you to everyone who has  
participated in my first month as a facilitator with empyre. I  
personally came in to this month's discussion with some preconceived  
ideas about what I thought neuroaethetics might be and what it might  
offer artists and theorists alike. I'm rather happy to say that I'm  
leaving it with a lot more to consider, read and - hopefully -  
produce. The models, fields and frameworks are, it would appear, still  
in a state of flux. This perhaps it a positive thing as clearly there  
is a lot more discussion to be had around this area and its impact on  
many (and varied) fields of research; as varied as the expertise of my  
guests really.

And to my guests:
John Onians
Trish Adams
Lucette Cysique
Alan Dunning
Paul Woodrow
Tina Gonsalves
Barbara Maria Stafford
Andrew Murphie

  - a very big thank you!

It goes without saying that I couldn't have done this month without  
you all. Your generosity and input has made moderating this topic a  
very rewarding one


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