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Nicholas Ruiz III editor at intertheory.org
Sat Oct 25 04:54:06 EST 2008

yes, yvonne, i believe that brings us to the notion of
seduction as 'seducation,' or borrowing from
Baudrillard, perhaps humans enact the ritual
dramaturgy of passion, as we follow the rules of the
game that binds us in the event of love...?


--- Yvonne Martinsson <yvonne at freewheelin.nu> wrote:

> Hi,
> Just came across the Chinese 'word' for love. It has
> no tempus, no  
> future, no past, just a now. And, culturally, the
> Chinese sign is  
> close to the sign of family... Nevertheless, it's
> just another  
> instance of love being 'here.'
> Maybe it's the agape of the distinction agape and
> love.
> But I do agree with Melinda that love is
> psychological. It's a  
> question of identification, but yet not a proper
> identification. It's  
> an anticipation of what could be. It sets our entire
> psychological  
> economy in motion. It makes us work through our own
> drama.
> The 'unattainable' is always desirable, but is it
> love? In a 3D  
> environement one could think of the 'unattainable'
> as that which  
> promises love, happiness etc. It's like safe sex. No
> sex is more safe  
> than cybersex. No love is more safe than cyberlove.
> You risk nothing.  
> You don't risk giving in (to another). But you can
> work through your   
> own drama.
> Yvonne
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