[-empyre-] Re: Love Art Laboratory

Timothy Murray tcm1 at cornell.edu
Thu Oct 30 00:54:28 EST 2008

Hi, everyone,

Some of you may be interested in visiting the Love Art Laboratory, 
http://www.loveartlab.org/.  This is a collaboration between 
artists/lovers Annie Sprinkle and Elizabeth Stephens.   The artists 
write that "The Love Art Laboratory grew out of our response to the 
violence of war, the anti-gay marriage movement, and our prevailing 
culture of cynicism. We hope the Love Art Laboratory will help make 
the world a more fun, sexy, tolerant, love-filled place."   Each year 
the artists stage one or more interactive performance art weddings, 
which they then display in installation.   Their site provides an 
overview of their weddings since 2005 and the ephemera resulting from 
them.  Hope you enjoy.

Timothy Murray
Director, Society for the Humanities
Curator, The Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art, Cornell Library
Professor of Comparative Literature and English
A. D. White House
Cornell University
Ithaca, New York 14853

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