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Hi all,

i´m a newcomer, but cheking and reading all the fantastic posts made on the subject of love and desire... i notice that there is a general trend of opinions that suggest love, desire and other human experiences are ungraspable and inherently subjective and private, only to be captured by the narratives of poetics, literature... 

Recently, there is a growing increase of data in a subfield of neuroscience called the "neuroscience of desire"  that pinpoint the mechanisms of human desire either as reflected in sex (Schober JM , Pfaff D   The neurophysiology of sexual arousal.   BEST PRACT RES CLIN ENDOC MET 2007 SEP;21(3):445-461) or other facets of  human conduct in which desire is involved, such as artistic tastes (Kawabata H, Zeki S 2008 The Neural Correlates of Desire. PLoS ONE 3(8): e3027 doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0003027) etc .

What is your opinion? 

neurosciene one day will characterize the traditional ungraspable meaning of human experiences such as desire and love or not?


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