[-empyre-] Introducing John Onians, Alan Dunning and Paul Woodrow

Michele Barker m.barker at unsw.edu.au
Wed Sep 3 17:05:52 EST 2008

Firstly, thanks to both Ben and Luigi for some initial points for  

Before we delve into them too much however, I'd like to start by  
introducing 3 of my guests for this month.  I'd like to open the  
initial discussion by inviting  John Onians,  Alan Dunning and Paul  
Woodrow to introduce themselves and outline what projects they are  
currently working on. All deal with the issues of neurology and its  
relationship to art but in clearly varying ways.

And, to all 3, I would be curious as to their take on what exactly is  
neuroaesthetics? Do we need to be careful of creating a 21st century  
catchphrase that is potentially devoid of meaning?

- Michele

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