[-empyre-] Introducing John Onians, Alan Dunning and Paul Woodrow

PAUL WOODROW ebp at shaw.ca
Sat Sep 6 17:30:13 EST 2008

Dear John and everyone 
we are in Barcelona at the moment so we are sorry that we haven't replied immediately
to your questions.
your comment about the real world being tied to scientific truth whilst important is rather puzzling for
us in the sense that the world in which we live is full of suppositions and imagination, the acknowledgement  of scientific truth doesn't seem to play such an important role- after all approaches 
to living in the everyday world seem to be based mainly on subjective interpretations we would say too that science is a version of the world albeit an valuable one- however its is an incomplete version. As artists our practice is not so much about what we know but about what is unknown - not unlike
research in science. Hopefully we  will reply more extensibly when the conference that we are attending has finished

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