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h w misterwarwick at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 9 12:22:56 EST 2008

Michele wrote:

Science has always seemed quintessentially metaphoric, full of images of invisible states and imagined processes as we apprehend it through embodied experience. Science can be seen as a kind of fiction that has (unusually) traction across a large number of bodies and worlds. Like other kinds of fiction the scientific fiction has agency.

It's only metaphoric, because much of it is mathematical, and unless you can wrap your head around the math, any description will, by necessity, be metaphorical and filled with images you can understand. Otherwise,  communication gets very difficult.

Science CAN be seen as a fiction, as much as a cloud can be seen to be a bunny. It's not really a bunny. You just think it looks like one.

Science CAN also be seen as a process and an organisation of behaviour along specific lines of testability, repeatability, and (sometimes) falsifiability combined with Ockham's Razor. Which, while "sharp", is actually a statement regarding evidence and not a real razor.


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