[-empyre-] modeling

Alan Dunning einsteins-brain-project at shaw.ca
Tue Sep 30 13:11:03 EST 2008

All of this discussion is fascinating.

It seems that we can develop all sorts of models and all sorts of 
ideas about models, but they are all open to restructuring and 
reimagination even as they are conceived and before they are 
complete. Any model is a kind of process that is  - as many here have 
said before - in a state of becoming. So an expanded Black Swan model 
is really, for me, the only model - all events are unexpected, even 
those that are to be expected.

What kinds of events can we predict? And to what degree of accuracy? 
And  to what extent can we predict the consequences of an event and 
its effects? (one iteration, two, a million, a trillion?)

The idea of distributed mind works best when it is seen as truly 
distributed. When we imagine ourselves as community not individual. 
Thinking about art perhaps as a material culture that supports 
distributed cognition, might provide ways to look at the state of 


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