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Greetings everybody, did you hear the good news? The financial crises is over (Go G-20!) and we're onto the next bubble, take your pick. Bonds, carbon credits, gold, maybe even tulips will come back in style. 


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jeff Pierce: equities trader, student of life, father of 3 girls, social networker, and author of www.zentrader.ca,   A big thank you to Nicholas for inviting me to share my 2 cents in such a heavy topic that effects everybody and yet many people stand like a deer in headlights when a financial tsunami hits. On my website I give trading advice and share my thoughts from a trader's perspective on what's going on in the markets and all of my trades are document here at Covestor:




I started trading in late 98' in what has gone down as one of the biggest bubbles to burst and I can now I've lived through one of the worst financial crises that the United States has ever seen. I am now complete. A seasoned investor if you will, who prefers to recognize trends rather than make predictions on where I think the markets are going . Nothing surprises me anymore and yet I feel oddly fearful for the fate of America as the government intervenes daily causing the free markets to not be so free.


Michael - I'd like to expand on your Obama slogan. It really should be "Yes You (and yours) Can" because ultimately it will be us and our children, their children and their grandchildren who will be picking up the tab that this administration is leaving behind. 


Our government is the biggest ponzi scheme around and nobody seems to care. In my opinion, this chapter of American financial history is going to end badly unless government is reigned in some way and taught that they can spend their way out of a recession.


I have to cut this short as there is a lot of macro economic news to take in lately and the all important jobs data tomorrow could very well provide some clues as to how deep the downturn will be.






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