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Hi, Nick!  You are making me wonder: is there a de- or dis-creativity, the way in psychoanalysis there is a dis-identification?  Not an anti-creativity, or the total absence of creativity, but a creativity that works against creativity?  Maybe a counter-productivity, the way Deleuze's Corps Sans Organs effects the production of counter-producton?  Just mulling.  

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> welcome and thank you to all and our guests...
> As the Dow Jones Industrial Average languidly sells lower after touching 8000 yesterday, and after having rallied immensely from the recent lows of late 2008 and early 2009...I wonder, what is a stock market really 'worth'? Five times earnings? Ten times earnings? One hundred times company earnings?
> It's a bit like asking: What is Picasso's "Guernica" worth? Or Hirst's "For the Love of God"? Remarkably, valuation is a creative enterprise, no? Another negative US employment report this morning, over 600,000 jobs lost...highlighting another of our 'creations'...What is the extent of our entanglement with such 'creativity'?
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