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How wonderful!  It sounds like an aberrant episode of the best soap opera ever, "Passions."  I think even Kierkegaard would enjoy an overdramatic Derrida doing an analysis of the mysterium tremendum!  "Is it a shiver?  A quiver?  A tremor?..."  Staging The Gift of Death is a stroke of genius.  Any thoughts on Les Politiques de l'Amitie?  You are completely right to hone in on the dramaturgy (and thaumaturgy) of theory.  The tones of Lacan in particular are so urgent, I am always left wondering what exactly is at stake in his notion of the split subject and its skewed relations to a world that is at best symbolic, at worst merely obstructive.  To me, the urgency always comes across as profoundly Christian--so much so, that Zizek feels the need to defend the Christian Legacy in his Fragile Absolute.  

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> > Where I
> > think that critical theory has gotten off track is in the leap from
> > this observation--that signs are arbitrary and unstable and have no
> > inherent truth--into this view that whoever can assert power over
> > discourse can make language do whatever they want it to.
> My group Artists Meeting is now taking theoretic tracks and using them 
> as scripts for a "theoretical soap box opera." Raphaele Shirley is the 
> director of these video soap operas. The concept is to take soap 
> opera actor types and have them mouth theoretical text in high 
> emotional states. One tract in particular is absolutely hilarious. 
> It's a Derrida passage where he does a philosophical analysis of 
> trembling. Theory actually performs well when high states of emotion 
> are introduced!
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