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Hopefully, more intelligent?  More restrained?  More humble?  More
aware of our social connections?  More joyful?  More human?

A couple years ago, we had a massive blackout in the middle of a
summer day.  It was the most wonderful thing.  You could look down the
street, and one by one, I saw children sticking their heads out of
their front doors, and looking up and down the street.  And then they
stepped outside.  And as they saw other people stepping out of their
houses, more and more of them started coming out into their yards.
Within an hour, all kinds of kids were playing on the street.  Parents
were sitting on their porches.  It was like watching the apocalypse in

Where I live, in Michigan, USA, I would like to see people help each
other out more, save those things that they have, and find pleasure in
those things which are not simply commodities.  For instance, Michigan
has such a strong history of organized labor, we have a strong
tradition of "buy American," and we have this real and immediate
crisis of capital fleeing our communities.  Yet people are resistant
to shopping at local businesses or eating local food.  People feel
like local culture is inferior to the culture of the coasts and they
feel incapable of making things themselves, hence they do not invest
in its creation or its consumption.

So, my hope is that people, now that they don't have as much money,
will do obvious things:  Go see a play, go to the library, hang out at
the park, walk around the town, make art projects, play with sidewalk
chalk, plant a vegetable garden, etc.  But the first order of things
is to make sure they have a place to live.


On Wed, Apr 8, 2009 at 8:52 AM, Nicholas Ruiz III
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> if we stick with the concept of crescere...our financial 'expansion' (along with the recent contraction) is our coming to be, a function of our creative growth and spreading...but what is it that we are becoming?
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>> Hi, Nick!  You are making me wonder: is there a de- or
>> dis-creativity, the way in psychoanalysis there is a
>> dis-identification?  Not an anti-creativity, or the
>> total absence of creativity, but a creativity that works
>> against creativity?  Maybe a counter-productivity, the
>> way Deleuze's Corps Sans Organs effects the production
>> of counter-producton?  Just mulling.
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>> > welcome and thank you to all and our guests...
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>> > As the Dow Jones Industrial Average languidly sells
>> lower after touching 8000 yesterday, and after having
>> rallied immensely from the recent lows of late 2008 and
>> early 2009...I wonder, what is a stock market really
>> 'worth'? Five times earnings? Ten times earnings?
>> One hundred times company earnings?
>> >
>> > It's a bit like asking: What is Picasso's
>> "Guernica" worth? Or Hirst's "For the
>> Love of God"? Remarkably, valuation is a creative
>> enterprise, no? Another negative US employment report this
>> morning, over 600,000 jobs lost...highlighting another of
>> our 'creations'...What is the extent of our
>> entanglement with such 'creativity'?
>> >
>> > Nick
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