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..on Fri, Apr 24, 2009 at 09:56:42AM -0700, Nicholas Ruiz III wrote:
> With regard to the debt or credit we cannot be rid of, there is a wonderful thought from Baudrillard:
> "All current strategies boil down to this:
> passing around the debt, the credit, the unreal, unnameable thing you cannot
> get rid of.  Nietzsche analyzed the
> strategem of God in these terms: in redeeming man’s debt by the sacrifice of
> His son, God, the great Creditor, created a situation where the debt could
> never be redeemed by the debtor, since it has already been redeemed by the creditor.  In this way, He created the possibility of an
> endless circulation of that debt, which man will bear as his perpetual
> sin.  This is the ruse of God.  But it is also the ruse of capital, which, at
> the same time as it plunges the world into ever greater debt, works
> simultaneously to redeem that debt, thus creating a situation in which it will
> never be able to be cancelled or exchanged for anything."

This is certainly a great quote. Looking at the cultures of superstition
surrounding gambling you clearly see this bridge between god and capital - a
metaphysics of debt and salvation - described. 


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