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Hello, All!
In The Gift of Death, Derrida enumerates three flavors of the “adieu”:
“It seems like the adieu can mean at least three things:

The salutation or benediction given (before all constative language “adieu” can just as well signify “hello”…)
The salutation or benediction given at the moment of separation, of departure, sometimes forever…
The a-dieu, for God or before God and before any relation to the other, in every other adieu…"
But I am not saying adieu: I am merely offering a cheery au revoir to people I know I will once again encounter on or off the screen.
Specifically, I would like to thank Nikos for giving me the extraordinary opportunity to “guest-star” on this e-Forum among such brilliantly diverse and diversely brilliant minds.  His poetic presence throughout has encouraged me to view terms like “Code” or capital in terms generally reserved for Romantic poetry or theology: in other words, to perceive them viscerally.
I also appreciated the gentle tug of Davin, who was always there to nudge my thought in new directions, and to question my assumptions and values.  His emphasis on the everyday instantiation and re-inscription of the global through his own lived and embodied “petits histories” spoke volumes about where we stand in relation to the meta-N (“grandies,” as Joe called them) and its nostalgias.
Finally, thanks to Joseph for placing the aesthetic and the poetic beneath the glittering skyline of systems theory, a place where Code and capital alike are challenged by commitment and by the ways in which we define, construct and, ultimately, use an environment, extracting it from its locus within another system to incorporate it as raw material for détourned ends and personal metabolisms.
I am also grateful for the thought-provoking input of other thinkers, lurkers and commentators, especially when exchanges became thermodynamically interesting.  David Chirot, your work, like the “Ojo” piece, is very important—make more of it!
Au revoir, mes autres!
Michael Angelo Tata     

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