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joseph tabbi jtabbi at gmail.com
Thu Apr 30 12:59:09 EST 2009

Davin, Nicolas, all -

I, too, am in the thick of it - student papers at end of term and
doing what I can administratively, as job placement officer during a
year when positions in my field, contemporary lit, are few, and when
my adopted field of e-lit is struggling to emerge as a discipline in
its own right.

The discussions were great, even 'intense' (Davin), even now, when the
eggs are flying.

I want to close by again letting people know about a project I've been
working on for the past year, one that I hope to finish over the
summer. I'm collaborating with grad students and e-lit colleagues,
tagging works of born digital literature/arts and drafting detailed
descriptions - more than one-liners (Cynthia Beth Rubin), less lengthy
than our Polonian posts this month (Terry Hargrave).

Our Appolonian posts?

I did like the early characterizations of the discussion, linking us
to my favorite prog rock bands of the Seventies: Yes, ELP - the
soundtrack of my teens.

The capsule e-lit summaries are appearing at the archive-it project, a
collaboration between the Electronic Literature Organization, the U.S.
Library of Congress, and the wayback machine at archiveit.org:


We're up to about a hundred entries - that's roughly two a week that
I've seen into production and I'll need to step up the pace if we're
going to meet our allotted 300 entries by the end of the year.

The wiki is open to submissions, and it will be a pleasure to receive
suggestions of accomplished works in all genres, genders, national
origins, or global networks known to members of empyre.


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