[-empyre-] Viral Witnessing Part 5

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More speculations and unresolved questions from Patty and Sam on viral witnessing.

What are the implications of circulation rather than fixed exhibition in the context of human rights advocacy?  

*Is it possible to redefine media of virtual and viral witnessing in different terms?  

*The viral is often located within transnational capital as a way to secure niche markets through word of mouth, now appended to miniaturized technologies and social networking. The implication is that the end user doesn’t really want to participate in this information but is somehow infected with the idea by means of direct conact.

*Instead, following Jenkins, we want to explore the idea of “spreadable media” where ideas circulate like memes, mutating, enfolding, changing, traveling through and around, and where users choose to enter into their realms rather than are compelled. 

*Instead of hierarchies and one way flows disquised in social media, we propose the liberation of heterarchies and flows in many and all directions.

*Media are now spreading and migrating between different spaces, from Web 2.0 to more fixed exhibition venues, from private viewings on laptops to larger screens of festivals and human rights convenings.  And media is being remixed and mashed-up with other sources of information to advocacy intent. Spreading and migrating are the new tactics of human rights advocacy documentary forms, not simply "documentation" or "representation." 

*Images in circulatory networks can acquire urgency that was not imbedded in the image previously.  

*Images and memes can migrate in different directions and continually re-circulate, never stopping. This circulatory system is NOT a loop.

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>Good morning from a cold and rainy California,
>I have so enjoyed Patty and Sam's thoughts on viral media as it
>relates to ethical, political and social issues. Today I will attend a
>symposium on "The Future of the Forum" with speakers including Jimmy
>Wales, Founder of Wikipedia, Jim Buckmaster, CEO of craigslist, Dick
>Costolo, COO of Twitter, Seth Goldstein, Co-Founder and CEO of
>SocialMedia Networks, Reid Hoffman, Founder of Linkedin.com, Lars
>Rasmussen, co-developer of Google Wave, Marc Davis, Chief Scientist
>and Co-Founder of Invention Arts, and
>Jane McGonigal, Director of Game Research & Development at Institute
>for the Future. I will be curious to see how their thoughts on the
>state and future of the forum and social media will relate to Patty
>and Sam have raised, especially:
> **In the current environment of the user-generated, imagined
>virality, and circulatory vortex of  Web 2.0 media, the capacity to
>produce and share media, testimony, and visual evidence is more widely
>  **Amateurism has been redefined and reconfigured not as an adjunct
>to other forms of media but as an infiltration of other forms of
>media.  Media practice, therefore, is no longer solely and exclusively
>about visibility:  circulation and aggregation have acquired equal if
>not greater importance.
>Watch talks live online [http://bcnm.berkeley.edu/fotf/live.html]. I
>will also live blog throughout the day [ferromurray.net]. Later today
>I hope to check in here with any more specific resonances.
>On Sat, Dec 5, 2009 at 6:20 AM, Patricia R. Zimmermann <patty at ithaca.edu> wrote:
>> The second installment of speculations from Patricia Zimmermann and Sam Gregory:
>> We have been asking ourselves  and interrogating a series of questions related to the ethical, political and social issues of viral media.
>> What is at stake in the changing and mutating visual, virtual and viral economies of representing and circulating other peoples’ suffering?
>> •       Professional human rights documentation – both textual and visual - has traditionally functioned as a largely closed space.
>> •       This closed space has included participants from the UN and inter-regional human rights bodies, people responsible for mechanisms at a national level in countries, and documentors, researchers, lawyers, campaigners and advocates in local and international NGOS.
>> •       This closed space has organized networks with rules and codification of practices, including patterns to discern the compromise between the individual and the collective when making decisions about strategy in the distribution of documentation.
>> •       In the last three decades, human rights workers have developed highly professionalized identities, towards a trend where only certain people with particular training gather evidence as “human rights professionals.”  The visual evidence and testimonies gathered are designed to create documentation of abuses—and to circulate in defined evidentiary, awareness-raising, advocacy or fundraising spaces, or to be provided in packaged form to traditional mass media outlets.
>> •       WITNESS (http://www.witness.org), where Sam works, has specialized in a particular form of this – developing the capacity of human rights defenders to use video in lobbying, evidence and advocacy towards defined audiences from the International Criminal Court, the US Congress, and the UN to grassroots communities in the Congo and Burma.
>> •       Witness’ focus has been on supporting grassroots voices to identify audiences who can be shamed, persuaded, motivated to engage in social change via the power of visual media, and then placing that media in front of people at the right time and place, and within a campaign strategy.
>> •       In the current environment of the user-generated, imagined virality, and circulatory vortex of  Web 2.0 media, the capacity to produce and share media, testimony, and visual evidence is more widely dispersed.
>> •       Amateurism has been redefined and reconfigured not as an adjunct to other forms of media but as an infiltration of other forms of media.  Media practice, therefore, is no longer solely and exclusively about visibility:  circulation and aggregation have acquired equal if not greater importance.
>> •       This new human rights media is not produced with the same rigor as professional human rights documentation, but is nonetheless functioning as an expansion of human rights advocacy into open space, and with the potential to expand the potency and efficacy of this rights promotion. Now, we must begin to understand who creates it and how it circulates in these more open spaces.
>> •       We offer these interrogations in the context of an epistemological challenge for both human rights activists and for documentary  and new media scholars.
>> •       We see alliances between these sectors, with human rights victims and advocates  on the ground, as an essential, urgent nexus.
>> •       What is the meaning of “documentation” (‘x did y to z’) and/or  “documentary” in an age of a thousand, a million, a billion documentors/documentarians, where monopolies of power/categorization are lost, erased, confused, obscured?
>> •       And we do it all against a backdrop,( and Sam says this primarily from his perspective in WITNESS) of significant ethical questions of safety, security, dignity, consent and re-victimization that we will return to later in more postings on Empyre.
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>> >Hello everyone:
>> >
>> >We (Patty and Sam) want to raise the issue of the ethical questions of the shifting landscapes of international human rights work and the circulation of imagery in the new viral Web 2.0 world.
>> >
>> >It might be useful to check out Witness at http://www.witness.org, where Sam works, and a leader in human rights advocacy in both analog and digital forms that is "user generated"  Also, check out Witness' THE HUB, a user generated human rights portal.
>> >
>> >Corporate entitities have inscribed viral into their DNA, moving from marketing to engagement cross multiple platforms to increase shelf life of media products through what Axel Bruns has called "produsage".  A product is no longer a product but a process of consumer engagement, whether with a movie or with Mentos candy. As many studies have shown, viral is more of a myth than a reality:  not many campaigns, whether corporate or political, go viral, because it is unpredictable and uncontrollable. Viral is perhaps more myth than fact, more fantasy than embodied reality, more vaudeville than intervention.
>> >
>> > Yet counter movements have emerged to interrogate the user-centric, the viral, the multiplatformed. Ricardo's important transborder projects discusssed last week point to new ways of thinking and practicing the viral.
>> >
>> >We want to raise questions and contradictions about the viral, the virtual, and the spreadable in the world of human rights, a node where issues on the ground meet circulatory culture.  This area is unresolved, emerging, problematic and hopeful.
>> >
>> >This week, then, we offer our speculations and unresolved Questions as an opening for discussion about the manners in which new circulatory networks of media, new participants in documentation and documentary and ubiquitous tools for film-making impact on the possibilities for creating human rights action through media, and also impact the traditions of established analog social issue documentary.
>> >
>> > Where do issues of circulation, aggregation and remix intersect with human rights values, documentary tradition and real-life social change?
>> >
>> >We focus here on nodal points that are unresolved conundrums, knots that need unknotting, questions that need collaborative thinking and action… These are questions that are very real and concrete for human rights practitioners, filmmakers and people facing human rights violations in diverse communities around the world.
>> >
>> >What is at stake, we ask, for documentary media in this new human rights advocacy landscape?
>> >
>> >Let me (Sam Gregory, from Witness)start with an anecdote.
>> >
>> >Recently I was driving down a remote country road in Syria in a shared taxi. A man turned back to me and offered me his cellphone, saying ‘Change’. His Spider-man themed phone was far more modern than my old Nokia so I was puzzled.
>> >
>> >But as he showed me the phone what he wanted to do became clear: he wanted to change clips. And what he wanted to exchange were not just silly pet tricks, the money shots from porn videos, and young girls dancing, but violent videos of people being hit and beaten-up, so-called ‘happy-slapping videos’.
>> >
>> >I realized he wanted to swap what I would consider abuse videos. Filmed by perpetrators, professionals and amateurs, circulated by bystanders and ordinary citizens human rights videos are entering new spaces. For us this is a starting point to consider the new issues and questions that arise around circulation, exhibition and action in human rights media in a world of radically increased, pervasive and transformed production, distribution and usage.
>> >
>> >
>> >
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>> >Patricia R. Zimmermann, Ph.D.
>> >Professor, Cinema, Photography and Media Arts
>> >Roy H. Park School of Communications
>> >Codirector, Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival
>> >Division of Interdisciplinary and International Studies
>> >953 Danby Road
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>> >>
>> >>Thanks Ricardo for the update.  I'd like to introduce you to two other
>> >>guests who will taking our discussion threads into the first week of
>> >>November. Welcome to Patty Zimmermann and Sam Gregory.  Here are their
>> >>bios and they will be making introductory posts to you soon.
>> >>
>> >>Renate
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>Sam Gregory and Patricia Zimmermann are collaborators working on an on-going
>> >>research and presentation project, Speculations on the Virtual and Viral
>> >>Witness.
>> >>The project explores and opens up the contradictions, ethical and political
>> >>implications of circulatory culture for transnational and international
>> >>human rights
>> >>as it moves from fixed analog representations by professionals to more
>> >>fluid and
>> >>changeable user generated modes designed to move across cultures for
>> >>advocacy.
>> >>
>> >>Sam Gregory is the Program Director at WITNESS (www.witness.org,
>> >>hub.witness.org)
>> >>which uses video and online technologies to support human rights advocacy
>> >>worldwide.
>> >>He is a video producer, trainer, and human rights advocate. In 2005 he was
>> >>the lead
>> >>editor on Video for Change: A Guide for Advocacy and Activism (Pluto
>> >>Press), and in
>> >>2007 he lead the development of the curriculum for WITNESS' first ever Video
>> >>Advocacy Institute, an intensive two-week training program. He has worked
>> >>extensively with grassroots human rights activists - particularly in Latin
>> >>America
>> >>and Asia, including the Philippines, Burma and Indonesia, integrating
>> >>video into
>> >>campaigns on a range of civil, political, social, economic and cultural
>> >>human rights
>> >>issues.Videos he has co-produced have been screened to decision-makers at
>> >>the US
>> >>Congress,the UK Houses of Parliament, the United Nations, and at film
>> >>festivals
>> >>worldwide. He has been interviewed on using video in advocacy for the
>> >>Christian
>> >>Science Monitor, the National Journal, Videomaker Magazine, Reason, PBS
>> >>Now, Voice
>> >>of America and many other media outlets. In 2004 he was a jury member for
>> >>the IDFA
>> >>Amnesty International/Doen Award. He has also worked as a television
>> >>researcher/producer in both the UK and USA, and for development
>> >>organizations in
>> >>Nepal and Vietnam. He is on the Board of the US Campaign for Burma, and
>> >>the Tactical
>> >>Technology Collective.
>> >>
>> >>Patricia Zimmermann is professor of cinema, photography and media arts at
>> >>Ithaca
>> >>College in Ithaca New York and codirector of the Finger Lakes
>> >>Environmental Film
>> >>Festival (http://www.ithaca.edu/fleff) This year’s festival explores the
>> >>theme of
>> >>Open Space in an online, web 2.0 environment. She is the author and/or
>> >>coeditor of
>> >>Reel Families: A Social History of Amateur Film (Indiana), States of
>> >>Emergency:
>> >>Documentaries, Wars, Democracies (Minnesota), Mining the Home Movie:
>> >>Excavations in
>> >>Histories and Memories (California), and The Flaherty: Four Decades in the
>> >>Cause of
>> >>Independent Cinema (Wide Angle). She has published extensively and
>> >>internationally
>> >>in the areas of film history, documentary, new media, political economy of
>> >>media,
>> >>technological history, critical historiography, and film/new media theory. In
>> >>addition to her scholarly work, for the last six years, she has written,
>> >>produced
>> >>and directed many  collaborative projects in the area of live music and
>> >>multimedia
>> >>projection that combines archival material with new technologies, in
>> >>collaboration
>> >>with major archives in the United States and internationally.  In 2010,
>> >>she will be
>> >>the Shaw Foundation Professor Endowed Chair of New Media Technology in the
>> >>Wee Kim
>> >>Wee School of Communication and Information at Nanyang Technological
>> >>University in
>> >>Singapore. She blogs at http://www.ithaca.edu/fleff10/blogs/open_spaces/
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