[-empyre-] Viral Witnessing Part 6

Gerry Coulter gcoulter at ubishops.ca
Tue Dec 8 07:31:36 EST 2009

For Lynn H. who wrote: "...should I continue to feel discouraged ...  that many games are conceived and funded by the military, like DARPA's Red Balloon Challenge that occurred just yesterday?"

I wouldn't recommend feeling too bad about the fact that most of research into the more interesting games today is funded by the US military. The US Military  use various forms of 'visuals' to overcome the greatest challenge faced by commanders today -- communicating with so many incoming soldiers who are functional illiterates. It is why their training manuals have taken on the appearance of comic books for over twenty-five years. 

Besides, the US military hasn't beaten anyone except Granada since 1945 (the CIA has been a far more effective neo'military' force). The virtual world of video games seems such a natural place for the US military to occupy itself as, for many decades, it has been only a virtual power.

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