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Dear empyre subscribers,

Dear empyre subscribers,

A very special thanks to Patty Zimmermann for posting her collaborative
thoughts and writings on viral witnessing.  Also thanks to her
collaborator, Sam Gregory.  The posts on viral witnessing and human rights
advocacy via the media lent an important aspect to our discussion this
past week.
I would like to invite Patty and Sam to stay tuned this week as we
complete our discussion.  Also, to all of the other guests we have had tis
month I hope they will also join in the discussion during this closing

This week on empyre I would like to introduce Kevin Hamilton who was our
guest most recently at the Networks and Mobilities conference at Cornell
in October. He not only shared his research with the conference but also 
gave an artist's talk and led a workshop for the Department of Art.  Also
we welcome Christina McPhee who you all know as an empyre moderator and
empyre online collaborator.  We are thrilled that they both agreed to
close out this our discussion of Viral Economies:  Hactivating Design. 
Below are their biographies.  My apologies to both of them for making this
introduction so late in the day.

Kevin Hamilton is an Associate Professor and Chair of New Media in the
School of Art Design. He has exhibited in galleries and public spaces
across Europe and North America, lectures internationally, and publishes
on topics such as memory and monument, creativity and collaboration, and
interface history. He's currently working on a commission for the State of
Illinois, an artwork about the history of cybernetics, to be displayed in
this campus' Institute for Genomic Biology.

Christina McPhee (central coast California/San Francisco) is a media and
visual artist.  Her work is involved with the poetics of post-digital
abstraction and environmental crisis.  She works in drawing, photomontage
and video. Recent video installations and screenings in 2009 include VIBA
Buenos Aires (November), Cinema by the Bay, San Francisco (October),
Chapman College/Guggenheim Gallery Los Angeles (for "Because the Night")
(October); ISEA, Belfast (July)'; Pace Digital Gallery, New York (April);
and Videoformes 09, Clermont-Ferrand (March) .  Drawings and photomontage
from "Tesserae of Venus', considering the future of carbon atmospheres on
Earth, showed  at Silverman Gallery, San Francisco (October-December 2009)
and were featured  at the NADA fair/ Art Miami with Silverman Gallery. 
New critical writing about her film work appears with Sharon Lyn Tay's new
book, "Women on the Edge : Twelve Political Film Practices" New York:
Macmillan and London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2009 .  BOMB Magazine has
published a new interview by Melissa Potter with Christina McPhee online
at http://bombsite.powweb.com/?p=5307


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