[-empyre-] Transborder Immigrant Tool Weather Report (Infinity and Beyond!)

Ricardo Dominguez rrdominguez at ucsd.edu
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Media Frenzy over the Transborder Immigrant Tool

The Transborder Immigrant Tool was the subject of a whirlwind of media
attention in the past few weeks. The project has been developed by the
Electronic Disturbance Theater, consisting of artists Ricardo Dominguez,
Brett Stalbaum, Amy Sara Carroll and Micha Cardenas. The media coverage
included television, radio and print stories including the Associated
Press, BBC World, NBC, Fox, and the UCSD Guardian. While the actual
stories are too many to list here, the following is a list of some of the
major articles. Many media outlets improperly reported it as an Iphone
app, others attempted to discredit the project saying it is illegal, and
some interviewed Enrique Morones of the Border Angels, one of the
humanitarian providers whose water caches the tools directs people to.
Overall, the members of the group are extremely happy that the Transborder
Immigrant Tool has been so effective in opening up dialog on the dire need
for humanitarian aid at the border, where thousands of people have
needlessly died. We look forward to completing and deploying the tool in
the coming year. (Not every article and new video is here - but enough to
give you
a sense of what is around to click into and enjoy)! Happy HolidDAZE to all!

You will find the all links at: http://bang.calit2.net/xborder/


Your Chicana Coyotek Gangs poem for the day:

algo rhythmic:
broken as
a line
rescripts a

by Amy Sara Carroll

P.P.S  A gesture from a grad. student just came in:

"Please go to websites where they discuss the tool and add comments. I
have established a blog (http://transborderimmigranttool.blogspot.com/) to
post possible cites  and will be updating it as to my/our progress. 
Please respond to this blog in comments so that  we can maintain a
community dialogue." (Show join the fun and post your comments on your
article(s) below:

P.P.P.S. A partial list is up and of course you can make you own.

You will find the all links at: http://bang.calit2.net/xborder/

Radio Bilingüe/Línea Abierta: Transborder Immigrant Tool

Mark Cromer: An App For Betrayal

New tool for Mexico border crossers violates federal law

Cell phone doubles as coyote: phone app helps immigrants cross the border:
A Radio Interview/South CAL Public Radio

GPS tool helps illegal immigrants cross US border
Associated Press
Celular para cruzar ilegalmente
BBC World

Border Crossing: There’s an App for That
NBC San Diego

Low-Tech App Aids in Crossing Mexican Border
UCSD Guardian

GPS para indocumentados

Border Crossing Application
Fox 5 TV San Diego

Smart phone application helps illegal immigrants navigate safely across
NBC Spokane Washington

GPS Technology to Help Illegal Immigrants
KSRO – Santa Rosa,CA,USA

Poll: 56% say border-crossing tool threatens national security
OC Register

Border-Navigating Phone App Raises Concerns
KMJ Now – Fresno,CA,USA

mobile phone application gets mixed reactions
State Press

Border Crossing: There’s an App for That
NBC Chicago

UCSD Researches Creating Phone App For Border Crossers
MyStateline.com – Rockford,IL,USA

Want to sneak into US? There’s an app for that
WND.com – Washington,DC,USA
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