[-empyre-] Andrew Murphie: Resolution for Digital Futures

Renate Ferro rtf9 at cornell.edu
Sun Feb 1 17:11:09 EST 2009

Assuming that we are our technics more than we think, but that we are not
only our technics ..

I resolve:

* to work to abandon the categorisation of the digital as a substance, and
instead explore its modal entanglements in the world

* to explore the questions of the instruction/code/technics at a 
"molecular="  level (in Guattari's sense), and work with others who 
are developing new approaches to the instruction/code/technics, more 
immersed in contingency and a complex materialism.

* to look, rework, and distribute new instructions and 
uninstructions, rules and anti-rules (eg Spehr .. the first rule of 
free cooperation is that you can opt out whenever you want) ... 
proposals, algorithms, code snippets, cross-signals, propositions, 
prehensions, concrescences, d=E9tournements, etc,
design processes, models, metamodels, micromodels, unmodels, diagrams,
undiagrams, escape plans, habits, memories, ... composition ...

Andrew Murphie (Australia) is Associate Professor,
School of English, Media and Performing Arts, University of New South 
Wales, Sydney, Australia, and Editor of The Fibreculture Journal 
http://journal.fibreculture.org/>; http://www.andrewmurphie.org/

Renate Ferro and Tim Murray
Co-Moderators, -empyre- a soft-skinned-space
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