[-empyre-] scalable relations-- how does this matter? (orde-materialize?)

Anna Munster A.Munster at unsw.edu.au
Fri Feb 6 17:33:12 EST 2009

Hi Christiane,
I've had a brief look at the website but won't be able to experience  
the exhibition - stuck in Australia I'm afraid! What  a pity - looks  

I am wondering how you see the relation - at a curatorial and  
conceptual level rather than purely technical - between the idea of  
'scalable' and the commonly used notion of 'scale-free' which abounds  
particularly in contemporary network science?

I think your idea of scalable within the aesthetic context perhaps in  
fact includes both the concept of 'scale free' especially as you put  
it in terms of the continuing functionality of a database for example  
in spite of changes in context or transaction quantity. But perhaps  
scalability also includes the  opposite of this - ie that relations  
cannot be simply topologically deformed without very real consequences  
for their relationality. If something can be scaled, then there will  
be relational aesthetic changes although this may still allow  

Just wondering about your thoughts on this


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