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Hi John,

Nice to read your post. I will check to see if the brochure you mentioned is
on-line and readable by ex-pats.

You might be interested in the following link to a French on-line citizen¹s
initiative, that places media sent by mobile (or not) on a comparative and
collective ³opinion grid².

(click on ³jouer²)

Each media is linked to a ³t¹chat² space, that encourages visitors to vote
on what they see (and thus affect the placement of media on the grid).

The web-site is still in its first stages ­ different visualizations
(geographic, semantic) of the same data-base will be up at the end of the

We are also going to add a field (over the grid) for specific questions.
Right now the web-site deals with the general theme of ³inequality², too
broad to be meaningful (our goal is to create a diagnostic tool, truly
anchored in a neighborhood with specific problems to solve).

This work is by an association named Concert-Urbain, based in Paris in
thirteenth arrondissement of Paris ( in Paris¹ ³Chinatown² which also
includes many immigrants from Northern and Central Africa as well as
lower-income French families).

³Dring13² is funded by la Région Ile de France and la Politique de la Ville.

All comments welcome,

Carol-Ann Braun

Concert-Urbain links, in French :
www.tour-a-tour.org (neighborhood ³TV² website.  The channels caught on, but
the blog never did...)

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