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Welcome to the month of June on -empyre soft-skinned space!

June on -empyre- soft-skinned space: "Participatory Art:  New Media and
Archival Traces"
Moderated by Renate Ferro (US) and Tim Murray (US) with invited
discussants Hana Iverson (US), Sarah Drury (US), Nicholas Knouf (US),
Claudia Pederson (US) Miyawaki Atsuko (UK/Japan)

And curated guests: Sean Cubitt (Australia), Jim Drobnick (Canada),
Yiannis Colakides and Helene Black (Cyprus), Beatriz da Costa (US),
Xiaowen Chen (China), Hung Keung hk at hungkeung.hk (Hong Kong), Erin Manning
(Canada), Philippe Codognet (Japan/France), Richard Rinehart (US), Ian
Clothieri (New Zealand) and many others

Welcome to our June –empyre- discussion and open forum on “Participatory
Art:  New Media and Archival Traces.” Bouncing off the discussion from
this May on "Critical Spatial Movement," we were struck by how digital 0s
and 1s allow for traces of movement, interaction, and networking to exist
or live on through various vehicles such as the web or other virtual
spaces such as Second Life.  We were also thinking
about current trends in the international art world that extend practice
into the areas of social networks by engaging the participation of the
viewer. Participatory Art converges with such areas as the social
sciences, activism, politics, ecology and sustainability, genetics and
science, and even food.   How might digital traces of artistic corporeal
and cyber configurations of embodiment empower participatory artistic
practice and collaboration?  And how might we understand the 'after image"
or "after life" of live participatory interventions when they live on
morph into digital, spectral traces?

As a celebration of the summer season, in addition to our invited weekly
featured discussants above we have also invited many special guests to
send us their thoughts and encourage all of our 1200 subscribers to empyre
to reflect on this topic and post freely at –empyre-soft_skinned_space.

Moderated by Renate Ferro (US) artist-conceptual/new media, Department of
Art, Cornell University, and Tim Murray (US), Curator of the Rose Goldsen
Archive of New Media Art, Cornell University

Featured Guests:
Week 1:  Hana Iverson (US) and Sarah Drury (US)

Hana Iverson’s work spans photography, video, installation, and
interactive media. Her current work focuses on location-based installations
that integrates mobile interfaces. Iverson currently teaches at Rutgers,
The State
University of New Jersey and is the founder and director of the Neighborhood
Narratives Project, an internationally networked, community-based learning
environment where students investigate the complex means by which cell
phones, GPS, mobile recording devices, interactive public installation and
network games affect their knowledge of and relation to lived space
http://www.neighborhoodnarratives.net. She is the former Director of the New
Media Interdisciplinary Concentration at Temple University.

Sarah Drury is a media artist working with video, interactive installation
and performative media. Her work has been presented at international venues,
including: BAM¹s Next Wave Festival, National Theater of Belgrade, and Boston
CyberArts Festival, Brooklyn Museum, the Kitchen, SIGGRAPH, ISEA,
Philadelphia Fringe Festival, Sound Cultures Symposium, Performative Sites,
ACM Multimedia, Artists Space, Hallwalls, Worldwide Video Festival (Hague),
and on PBS.  Grants include fellowships from the National Endowment for the
Arts, and grants from the Leeway Foundation, and Franklin Furnace.

Drury¹s work with sensing technologies engages body, sound and image in
complex multisensory narratives, in diverse contexts such as installation,
opera and performance. Recent projects explore issues of embodiment,
collaborative creation and emergent narrative.

Sarah Drury is an associate professor of video and interactive media at the
Temple University Film & Media Arts Program. She holds masters degrees from
the NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program and NYU/International Center
of Photography.  She has also been on the faculty of the New York University
Interactive Telecommunications Program, NYU Art & Media Program and the
International Center of Photography.

Week #2:  Nicholas Knouf (US) and Claudia C. Pederson (US)
Nicholas Knouf is a PhD student in information science at Cornell
University in Ithaca, NY. His research explores the interstitial spaces
between information science, critical theory, digital art, and science
and technology studies.

Claudia C. Pederson is a PhD candidate at the Visual Studies and History
of Art, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. Her areas of interest
include interactive and tactical arts, and critical theory.  Her
dissertation research focuses on the intersections between the arts and
entertainment, through experimental digital gaming.

Week #3
Miyawaki Atsuko (UK/Japan)
Bio to follow soon!

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