[-empyre-] Introducing Week 2: Participatory Art: New Media and the Archival Trace

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Dear empyre subscribers,
We know that many of you are lurking out there and we are urging you to
join Simon Biggs (and our other special guests we will be intermittently
posting) as well as our weekly discussants in response to our June topic
Participatory Art: New Media and the Archival Trace.

Many thanks to our Week One discussants, Hana Iverson and Sarah Drury. 
They made a fascinating  and successful transition from last month's
discussion on Critical Movement Practice to this month's related topic. 
We invite them to stay tuned during the entire month.

During Week 2 we would like to introduce two faces we see on the Cornell
campus pretty regularly: Nick Knouf (US) and Claudia Pederson (US).  They
will be talking about their own work and interests in relationship to our
topic and responding to your posts. We welcome them warmly!  Below their
biographies are attached.
Renate and Tim

Week #2:  Nicholas Knouf (US) and Claudia C. Pederson (US)
Nicholas Knouf is a PhD student in information science at Cornell
University in Ithaca, NY. His research explores the interstitial spaces
between information science, critical theory, digital art, and science
and technology studies.

Claudia C. Pederson is a PhD candidate at the Visual Studies and History
of Art, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. Her areas of interest
include interactive and tactical arts, and critical theory.  Her
dissertation research focuses on the intersections between the arts and
entertainment, through experimental digital gaming.

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