[-empyre-] to begin define e-poetry

Jason Nelson heliopod at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 3 08:16:35 EST 2009

Before we do introductions of participants and discuss Laura Borras's recent
situation, I thought we could begin with some definitions of E-Poetry.

And instead of trying to encapsulate all of e-poetry in a post (although
you can do that). Perhaps participants could offer their "out drinking"
definition. You know, when you are out at a party/function/anything and
someone asks what you do. All of us have adapted some thing we say.

Or you could address a more academic tone. Although to begin lets
think bottle of wine and trying to impress another version of your
e-poetry definition. 

Oh and read Stephanie Strickland's lovely and very recent article about
E-Poetry on the Poetry Foundation website, as we should discuss
some of what she is contending.

cheers, Jason Nelson


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