[-empyre-] funding for digital writing

Jim Andrews jim at vispo.com
Thu Mar 5 09:27:33 EST 2009

i thought i'd mention that the canada council (canada's national arts 
funding org) is apparently putting together a program to fund digital 
writing by 2010. that's good news to me and the rest of us in canada doing 
such work. i'm not sure if this had much to do with the decision, but 
http://vispo.com/writings/misc/DigitalWritingProposalNoE.pdf is a petition i 
wrote with michel lefebvre (montréal), lionel kearns (vancouver), and chris 
joseph (montréal/london) in 2006. it's a petition for the canada council to 
fund digital writing. the version of this doc we sent the canada council had 
a few more sections to it. i've deleted confidential stuff (for instance, 
the email addresses of the signatorees have been deleted). in any case, i 
hope the doc might be of use to people in other countries hoping to get the 
gov or other orgs to fund digital writing of some sort.


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