[-empyre-] to all members: what is e-poetry to you?

John Cayley cayley at shadoof.net
Thu Mar 5 11:47:38 EST 2009

Poetry: a trial of language.

Language is from another world.

Making poetry, we try to find (new) ways for language to be in the  

Digital media may provide (new) ways for language to be in the world.

I prefer to believe that inclusivity is appropriate in the course of  
our piratical attempts. (Hi Alan, Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi - I soaked my  
harmonica and I am playing it for you NOW and nOW and NoW and NOw. If  
only it were minor.)

Anecdote: When I have been asked what I do or what I profess I am  
often flummoxed but I tend to defer from designations associated with  
'e' (?= electronic) or often even 'poetry.' I used to say 'writing in  
(networked and) programmable media.' Now I try to remember to say  
'writing digital media' (with pronouns and elisions elided).

There are no genres in cyberspace. Yet. Are there?

I(-Poetry) don't know.

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