[-empyre-] Laura Borras and e-poetry

Jason Nelson heliopod at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 7 00:21:44 EST 2009


I wanted to continue discussing e-poetry, the varied and interesting definitions and ideas
to date point to our varied and dynamic ways of dealing with what some might call e-poetry.

However, I'd like to introduce another thread. The issue of what has happened to Laura Borras.
Giovanna di Rosario and  Juan B. Gutierrez  better understand, as they are colleagues and
close friends with Laura, the details and will add their thoughts soon.

But Laura's situation is not only tragic, but also brings to light concerns both with our
E-Poetry community in specifics and the academic world in general.

Briefly, Laura Borras was/is a tenured professor in Spain who has long been a major player 
in the E-Poetry community. She started and secures funding for one of our only international
awards, she runs a vibrant and well known research and learning center on E-literature
in Hermeneia, she has recently had numerous large grants for major E-poetry projects
and she and her University were set to host E-Poetry 2009. 

And just a few days ago.....she was fired.  Despite tenure. Despite her international standing,
long and impressive CV, amazing teaching, she was fired.  And not fired though a long process
complete with warnings and appeals and such. But just fired, with no specifics and only a vague

We obviously do not know the situation in detail. But even the lack of appeals to a tenured professor
should scare us all.

Her firing brings up many issues regarding academic freedom, the vunerability of our E-Poetry
group, of how we operate on the drive and production of very few individuals, and many others.

So.....perhaps we can discuss the issues with a goal for a plan for E-Poetry 2009.

cheers, Jason


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