[-empyre-] Laura Borràs

Jim Andrews jim at vispo.com
Sat Mar 7 19:53:43 EST 2009

well said, millie.

i don't really know laura borras, but if she has been trying to do good 
things concerning digital writing, as it seems she has, and she is being 
wrongfully fired, then it would behoove the digital writing folks to try to 
help her. one of the criticisms one can often level at digital writing is 
it's all words and no action.

i agree it would be good to know laura's preferences and also the info you 
ask about in your post.

having giovanna speak out for her helps us get a sense that she deserves 
some support. other voices close to the situation would also help. because, 
at this point, it is reasonable to wonder about the whole story and to have 
a strong feeling that we know hardly anything about it.

i don't know if the following has much to do with the situation--if it does, 
i imagine it's peripheral--but i wonder how much value is placed on work of 
international scope. by funders. by universities. and so on. funders 
normally have a national or provincial scope, for instance. local media have 
a local focus. work that addresses an international audience sometimes 
doesn't get support or recognition at home. one of the things i suppose we 
could do, if appropriate, would be to let laura's u know the value of 
laura's internationally-oriented work.


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