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(sorry sorry for the lengthy quote on my last post - can someone  
please DELETE that message? Here comes again, more concise)

Usually wary of definitions and classifications, I find myself  
nevertheless drawn to them when I sense an opportunity to bring them  
to a level of crisis. Crisis as poetic opportunity. Neither bucolic  
reverie, nor apocalyptic despair. Hard-core playfulness. Light-hearted  
toil. Dead serious duchampian tongue in cheek. Levinas face to face  
and Lacan when I can. Tension always, slight and extreme, elastic  
stretches, marathon sprints, endless tweets, sluggish flux, flashes of  
brick and mortar, pixel and human cell, arching constructivist  
deconstruction, compact bulk and vaporized dissemination, pin-point  
localizations engulfed in oceans of data and nebulous blobs of orphan  
signifiers, architecture lost in liquefaction, dubious losses and  
obvious gains, minimalism to the max, hybrid more or less, fuzzy  
zones, funny bones, knock on wood materialism flirting with  
exasperation and reluctant transcendance all in the same breath.

French poet Paul Valery's definition suits me fine: "Poetry is a  
prolonged hesitation between sense and sound."

"Prolonged" is what really gets me going. Sorry for the long wordy  
post. Clinging to words in an ocean of data.

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