[-empyre-] Academic Freedom and Tenure

Jason Nelson heliopod at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 9 12:56:30 EST 2009


Please do read the threads about Laura Borras, a leader in the E-Poetry field,
who was recently fired without appeal or concrete reasons, despite having tenure.
Obviously her situation is specific to her University. 

BUT....I'm interested if there are others on the list who feel that notions of
tenure in academia are being reduced/watered down or just eliminated.

This is particularly relevant to E-Poetry as most artists and scholars are fairly
new academics and are also in an often misunderstood and still largely 
experimental and growing field....and having that academic security can
be a boon to creation or a road block and or lead to the insecurities
of losing the position and the drive to continue creating.  

I personally have wondered if, should I lose my job in such a way as to
hurt my chances of finding another academic position, would I continue
being as involved in the field.  I'd like to say I would, but given the need
for food and shelter.....those of you outside of academia, know how hard
it is to juggle an active practice in E-Poetry and a full time job.

cheers, Jason


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