[-empyre-] to begin define e-poetry... dreaming of a definition

davin heckman davinheckman at gmail.com
Sun Mar 15 14:25:17 EST 2009

The night before last, I had a dream that I had created a poem that
defined e-poetry.

In my dream, I made a video in which I was pretending to be Noah
Wardrip-Fruin cutting potatoes into the shapes of dinosaurs, and
frying them in a large cast-iron skillet.  No talking or anything,
except for occasional comments like, "Here we go" and "Don't those
look golden and crisp?" and "They're going to be hot, now."  I put
this video on YouTube and listed Dr. Wardrip-Fruin as the writer,
director, and star and gave it a title like (and this is a vague part
of the dream), "Dr Wardrip-Fruin Proposes a Definition for E-Poetry."
And then forwarded the video to this list, to help convince you that
the answer had something to do with potatoes shaped like dinosaurs.

I actually had this dream.  And, though I only know Noah Wardrip-Fruin
through some articles that I have read. I kind of think it works as a


Davin Heckman

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