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Manuela.Rossini at unibas.ch Manuela.Rossini at unibas.ch
Wed Mar 18 22:41:13 EST 2009

Hello everyone,

I'm one of those 3000something lurkers on -empyre- who know grabs the  
chance to announce an opportunity for presenting work and thoughts on  
e-poetry and e-lit in general at ...

... TEXTURES, the upcoming SLSAeu conference, the European conference  
of the Society for Science, Literature, and the Arts (SLSA) in  
Riga/Liepaja (Latvia), 15-20 June, 2010.

There is one stream in particular where presentations and exchange  
about e-lit can take place: the stream "Textuality anad Materiality",  
organized by scholar-poet Maria Damon (Minnesota U)  and Joe Tabbi  
(ebr, ELO). One of the already pre-organized panels within this stream  
features John Cayley (hi John!).

Ok, this is the url: http://www.e-text-textiles.lv/SLSAeu2010/home.htm
Please bookmark. The site will be embedded within the homepage of the  
hosting organization e-t+t soon (www.e-text-textiles.lv).

It would be great to see some of you there/then, if not before.
Best wishes,

Dr. Manuela Rossini
Co-Director e-t+t (Riga) and "Text und Textil" (Basel)
Scientific Researcher at td-net for Transdisciplinary Research, Swiss  
Academies of Arts and Sciences (Berne)

Zitat von John Cayley <cayley at shadoof.net>:

> Poetry: a trial of language.
> Language is from another world.
> Making poetry, we try to find (new) ways for language to be in the
> world.
> Digital media may provide (new) ways for language to be in the world.
> I prefer to believe that inclusivity is appropriate in the course of
> our piratical attempts. (Hi Alan, Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi - I soaked my
> harmonica and I am playing it for you NOW and nOW and NoW and NOw. If
> only it were minor.)
> Anecdote: When I have been asked what I do or what I profess I am
> often flummoxed but I tend to defer from designations associated with
> 'e' (?= electronic) or often even 'poetry.' I used to say 'writing in
> (networked and) programmable media.' Now I try to remember to say
> 'writing digital media' (with pronouns and elisions elided).
> There are no genres in cyberspace. Yet. Are there?
> I(-Poetry) don't know.
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